Mokai Holding You Ransom on Mondays

​Need an excuse to keep partying well after the weekend is over? Leave it to the Opium Group and Mokai (235 23rd Street, Miami Beach) to give you a solution to your problem with Ransom, the Monday night party at the recently renovated Collins Park lounge.

The party, hosted by Mark Lehmkuhl, sort of takes now-defunct Bella Rose's Black Sunday murder mystery theme but gives it a Patty Hearst twist. Every week some prominent nightlife fixture gets held up for ransom, and the only way it gets returned is you party your ass off. Victims have included Jason Odio, Lyndon Smith, Zack Bush, and more recently Roman Jones' iconic bust which sits atop the bar at Louis.

Kidnapper soundtrack is provided by DJs Ross One, Mr. Mauricio, Damaged Goods, and Sub Zero.

Need photographic evidence that the party is still alive? Our cameras were there not too long ago to document the mayhem.

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