Morning Local Jam: Deep Side - "Booty Music"

Here's a track a friend suggested I look up, thanks to our shared love of any song using the phrase "booty music" (as opposed to the more journalistically politically correct "Miami bass"). Please start your day with this refreshing jam, "Booty Music" by Deep Side, a multiethnic, locally based quartet of heavily accessorized, attractive young men. The song is produced by -- guess who? T-Pain! Not content to be everywhere vocally, dude is also getting behind the boards and making his own tracks. The results are not bad by a long shot, although the resulting sing-song melody and pitch-corrected vocals make it sound like ... well, a T-Pain song. Which would maybe be good chart news for Deep Side, if, alas, anyone outside of a few geographical hot spots understood what "booty music" even is. Well, at least they'll understand that the boys of Deep Side do not, in fact, like doing it to slow jams: "Everybody don't like it slow/ Consider me one of them folk." But if the deed is done at booty music's hyperspeed BPM, is it really still "making love," as the chorus states it is? So many semantic questions! Chew on them as you enjoy.... -- Arielle Castillo

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