Naughty by Nature Get Down at Revolution

John Lydon has re-formed Public Image Ltd. without any of his original post-punk bandmates, and now Courtney Love is touring as Hole without Eric Erlandson or any other pre-2010 band member. For '90s rap icons Naughty by Nature, though, that won't fly. The original three members — not a bunch of suit-fillers — will roll into Fort Lauderdale on Thursday.

Naughty by Nature broke huge with the hit "O.P.P." in 1991, shortly after they were discovered by Her Majesty Queen Latifah. During the next eight years, they released three more albums — two of which went to number one. By the end of the decade, the band had broken up. DJ Kay Gee started producing records, Treach got into acting, and Vin Rock developed a clothing line. Vin Rock and Treach released a sixth Naughty by Nature album in 2002, but it just wasn't working without Kay Gee.

Things started to heat back up in 2008, though. That year, Naughty was selected to be a part of the annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors event, DJ Kay Gee reunited with Vin Rock and Treach, and the three began touring and planning a new album. The record, called Anthem Inc., isn't out yet, but the trio gives you the opportunity to prove you're still down. Tickets cost only $25 — a steal when you consider the groups charging 500 percent more cash for 66 percent fewer original band members.

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Bradford Schmidt