Peter Frampton and Yes Team Up for Tour

There's a reason bars have ladies' nights. The ladies show up for the free drinks, and the men show up for the ladies. In the decade that brought machismo to its apex, Peter Frampton was the ladies' night of the '70s. He wasn't interested in swinging around on a vine like Ted Nugent and talking about "Wango Tango." Baby, he just loved your way — every day. And because he was also a bona fide guitar god, it was OK for macho guys to like him too.

That's why Frampton Comes Alive! is one the biggest-selling albums of all time. It's got something for everyone, whether you're into sweet romance or sweet guitar licks. Chances are, your father touched your mother's boob for the first time while listening to that album. You might not even exist today were it not for Peter Frampton. What do you think about that, Marty McFly? Now, if you're one of those music-theory nerds, Yes is playing on the bill that night as well. Just to warn you: It's a scientific fact that no man has ever romanced his way into touching a boob while listening to Yes.

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Maggie Dove