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Punk Band the 707's on Mainstream Music: "It's So F$#*ing Repetitive and Boring!"

While mainstream punk may be sleeping or in a deep coma, it is the underground scene that is still poppin'. A prime example of that thriving undergrowth is Fort Lauderdale band the 707's, composed of Casidy Moser, Josh Young, Shaun Meyer, and DC. The 707's play what they describe as "fast punk rock 'n' roll." And what you hear on their recent EP, 9 to 5, out on Hated for Trying Records, is fast and punk and rock 'n' roll.

"Our influences are all over the fucking place," says Moser on the topic of their sound, pinpointing early '80s Southern California bands. And what gets Moser's pen to paper? "Definitely living down here in South Florida, working shitty jobs, and getting drunk with all our friends," he readily admits.

Moser clarifies that the 707's aren't unique from other punk acts, necessarily, but they have their own particular sonic perspective. "I wouldn't say we're different; it's punk rock. We try to approach with a faster, rock 'n' roll-style, though, and a lot of the gnarly local bands we play with have their own take on what we love. And that's what's so awesome about the local punk-rock scene, getting to find their take on South Florida through their point of view."

So it's pretty apparent that the 707's have an appreciation for local music. As for mainstream music? Well, that's a different story. "Christ! It's so fucking repetitive and boring! People love it, which I find so fucked. Mainstream music is always gonna triumph what we love. And that's fine with me as long as me and my friends have a place to go and play; it weeds out the people I'd rather not wanna see."

Moser wants you to go out and watch local acts too. "Go to more shows," he says, "support your local bands. There's a lot of gnarly, hard-working bands we play with, such as To Be Hated, Die Trying, Jolly Badfellow, Askultura, that everyone should check out!"

The 707's plan to keep playing "music the way we like" when touring the East Coast and releasing a seven-inch in the next year. In the long run, the guys hope to do a world tour with Judas Priest and Duran Duran, because why the fuck not?!

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