Q&A: Viva Le Vox Bassist Ousted and Replaced; See New Lineup at Respectable Street October 15

After two years as a member of Lake Worth act Viva le Vox, bassist James "Scarecrow" Jenkins announced via Facebook early Wednesday morning that he will no longer be playing with the band. Scarecrow stated that he was asked to leave due to "creative differences." The news came as a surprise to many fans who reacted with sadness. Scarecrow attempted to console his supporters by explaining that he has other projects in the works. "I won't be gone for too long, I've got tons of ideas I couldn't express through that band, as you'll see," he writes.

Read more about Scarecrow's reaction to his dismissal and read a Q&A with the band's new member after the jump.

Scarecrow's Facebook status updates on Wednesday, October 6, reads:

R.I.P. 2007~2010

Thanks to everyone who came out and danced their asses off the last two years. I'm going to miss every one of y'all. It's been a pleasure entertaining you as a member of Viva le Vox, thanks for some of the best memories I've got. Maybe I'll see some of you again, for life is forever strange and excitin...g. Xoxo~James 'Scarecrow' Jenkins

Is no longer a member of Viva le Vox. In case you missed my post last night, due to what can best be called 'creative differences' I have been asked to leave the band. I just want to take this opportunity to say that I'll miss all the friends I've made and bands I've worked with. It's been a trip, to say the least... A...ll the best, until next time!!


Friday, October 15, marks a new era for Viva le Vox when, after a few months of touring, they will grace a local stage for the first time at West Palm Beach's Respectable Street with Scarecrow's replacement. When asked how the band felt about their latest addition, they stated, "[We're] totally juiced, bro." The band will perform alongside the Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow, Everymen, and Black Weather Shaman. Expect to see the carnival flavors of Brooklyn's Coney Island with awe-inspiring acts such as record-breaking sword swallowing, stomach-churning human stunts, and other acts you will have to see to believe.

County Grind caught up with the band's new member over email for some Q&A.:

New Times: What is your name, and what do you play?

Trevor Von Sleeper: I am Trevor Von Sleeper. I don't play; I work hard.

Where did you come from (previous experience, previous band)?

I hail from a small island off the coast of New Zealand. My parents died and left me with nothing but a mandolin, which for the younger part of my life I looked at as my only companion. Later in life, I met my long-lost sister, Mel, and we started a group called Faux Town Fever. After an unsuccessful tour of Southeast Asia, I sold my mandolin for an upright bass and used it as a raft to get to Florida. I had no idea you could use it as a musical instrument until a few days ago, when I got a call from Viva le Vox.

How long has the band known you?

When I was a child in school, there was a pen-pal program for prisoners. The last letter I got said my pen pal was moving to Florida to start a "rock n roll" band. That man was Tony Bones, so I guess I've technically known him for about 20 years.

When will you begin to play?

Work, not play. I will begin to work hard, now.

How do you feel about joining VLV?

I do not feel anything. I only rock.

Do you think you can replace Scarecrow (James); how are you different, and what will you add?

James is irreplaceable, but I will work hard. I won't rest until it's right. Punk's not dead.

Viva Le Vox, with the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow. Friday, October 15, at Respectable Street,

518 Clematis St.,

West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $10.

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