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Saturday Night: Freestyle Invasion II at the BankUnited Center

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Freestyle Invasion II
Saturday, May 30
BankUnited Center, Coral Gables

Better than: Singing along to the Power 96 Traffic Jam on the 836.

The Review:
Saturday night at the BankUnited Center, I basked in the laser light glow of the Freestyle Invasion concert with mixed emotions. Dios, how I wish the performers realized why we were there. We were there to a) hear classic dance hits performed by the original singers, b) witness some intense dancing, and c) admire fancy outfits.

All of the performers did the songs we wanted to hear. Debbie Deb was the only one that had the entire crowd out of their seats, jumping, dancing and singing along, the entire time.


When David from Nice N Wild sang "Diamond Girl" it was a todo mundo con la lenga afuera situation. Just when it was time for the shredding guitar solo, the track stopped, and we were force-fed some reggaeton and salsa. We sat down. Why David? Why did you hurt us like that? When the song kicked back in, I felt betrayed and tricked.

The gentlemen of Freestyle decided to dress like Pitbull or Dane Cook or Uncle Jesse from Full House. The ladies of Company B were three silken angels. Debbie Deb was in a kick-ass zebra-print dress. Rockell was dressed in a school girl by way of Hot Topic outfit, and Sa-fire was an S&M Cirque de Soleil ringmaster. While there were no Cavariccis onstage, there were a few in the audience.

The evening was filled with ups and downs: "In a Dream" is playing -- stand up! New song I've never heard before is playing -- dance a little to be polite. Then sit and wait for "Fascinated" -- stand up again!

It was wonderful to see these ladies and bros on stage, no lie. But, I wish I could've seen them in the clothes from the future they wore in the 1980s.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: I was there to steal ideas for my next album.

Random Detail: There was a guy in the audience that knew every lyric to every song and danced harder and better than everyone in the arena. I wish I was him.

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