Sh*tjazz Vs. Snooze Theatre: An Event for Enemies and Lovers of Pugilism Alike

Foul-mouthed instigator Kenny Millions couldn't give a hootenanny of fisty flying fucks if you're into his version of shit and/or jazz and/or noise and/or art and/or life. He is 5,000 years old. He's recorded more than 60 albums. His sound comes from the ether seconds before creation. He is an angel and devil, mother and whore rolled into one balding, ageless monk of aural chaos. Is that a fucking guitar in his hands? No. It is a phallus of destruction in the biblical sense of being smote.

Kenny "The Kid" Millions is also a contender. A sound pugilist here again to defend his title in a bout against the Snooze Theatre and its derelict patrons. They call these matches an "informal series of performances pitting Kenny against an assortment of concepts, genres, and individual performers." I call this, unleashing Kenny into the unsuspecting, gilded masses.

There is a certain kind of poetry here akin to the gladiators of Rome or the throwing of Christians into lion pits. There is a promise of carnage heralded in the slow-mo of vehicular manslaughter. You'd want to turn away, cover your ears, but you won't be able to. Kenny "The Kid" will unleash the fury of his postpsychedelic free-jazz unto pretenders like the Professor, Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn, Last, "Shiny" Chrome Dick, Asss "Superfluous Letters" Banananana, and Human Fluid Rot.

While the concept of the Snooze Theatre is freewheeling enough to support this type of shenanigan, it will certainly be one for the books when the well-meaning proprietors have to hire extra hands to slop up the earwax and blood from the floors; in other words, this sounds like the kind of party where you can actually stick your dick in the mashed potatoes and someone will try to mic it up for sound.

Kenny Millions - "Cock Clarinet"

Kenny Millions - "Live at Radio-Active Records"

Shitjazz vs. Snooze featuring Kenny Millions, the Professor, Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn, Last, Chrome Dick, Asss Banananana and Human Fluid Rot on Friday, November 18, at Snooze Theater, 798 Tenth St., Lake Park. Call 561-842-7949, or visit rooflessrex.com.

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