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She Wants Revenge's Adam Bravin Was Obama's Personal DJ

It's hard to believe, but it's already been a decade since She Wants Revenge released its self-titled debut album. The Southern California duo, with their 21st century Joy Division post-punk sound, were a constant presence on indie radio in 2006. They toured with their dance rock forefathers Depeche Mode and found love from celebrity friends like Garbage's Shirley Manson who starred in their video for "These Things"and the actor Joaquin Phoenix who directed the video for their biggest hit "Tear You Apart".

But their most prestigious celebrity hobnobbing came when the duo that comprise She Wants Revenge took a hiatus. When they called it quits in 2012, Justin Warfield put out a solo album, Black Hesh Cult Mixtape, while Adam Bravin found himself the personal DJ of the most powerful man in the free world. Bravin, the onetime member of Crazy Town, was working on his own solo project called  Love Ecstasy Terror when he was hired to DJ at several events for President Barack Obama. 

He recalls: "I'm smart enough to do a little research before playing for the president. I looked up the president's Spotify playlist and found out what he likes. Also, I know he's from Chicago and got some music from there. That's basically how I came up with my game plan." Bravin told ABC News about the gig. While that means Bravin probably played a set heavy on Beyonce and Motown, it's fun to imagine he might have thrown a couple She Wants Revenge Songs into a White House mixer and how Obama might have reacted to their dark sonic tales of lust and gothic passion. As the reunited She Wants Revenge take their tenth-anniversary tour to Revolution on June 3, we thought it might be fun to see which songs Obama might groove to the most.

"Tear You Apart" - Their biggest hit, which has been heard on TV shows like American Horror Story and Fringe, has a title which seems to pay homage to Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart". It seems unlikely that Obama, who is known to always keep his cool, even when his constituents crave emotion, would be down with a song with lyrics like "I want to hold you close/ Soft breath, beating heart/ As I whisper in your ear/ I wanna fucking tear you apart" but having to deal with ISIS, Vladimir Putin, and Ted Cruz might bring out anyone's Mr. Hyde, even Obama's. 

"Someone Must Get Hurt"-
The title begs for an Obamacare comparison, but it also describes Obama's entire relationship with the Republican party. "How can I trust you? How could you need me now?/ Its getting to be so cold, old/ The decision is in that I won't break/ You cut and you run with our lives at stake/ Well, someone might get hurt and it won't be me/ The decision is in there will be no fight/ It might sound cold but I know its right/ 'Cause someone must get hurt and it won't be me" Obama went into office claiming he would negotiate with the other political party, but over his eight years in office he saw he could not survive if he did not play dirty, and dirty is how he is now happy to play.

"Red Flags and Long Nights" - How many geopolitical crises could this song represent? His dealings with China, Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan, Cuba, and North Korea all have enough red in their flags to fit under the song's title. 

"Out of Control" - There are two interpretations for this song of lust. One is to take the lyrics literally. "We've got nowhere to go, we've got nothing to prove/ Instead of dancing alone, I should be dancing with you/ This song is turning me on, the beat is doing me in/ Or maybe it's only you, but either way, lets begin" The President could reminisce about his pursuit of the First Lady back in their younger days, or he could take the words as a metaphor to describe his relationship with Hillary Clinton. When he first ran for president, she was his biggest foe, but now they are each other's biggest cheerleaders, as they tango their political dance together. 

"Disconnect" - For eight years no one was happy with President Obama. For conservatives, he was the devil incarnate; for progressives, he was not as left-wing as he'd campaigned to be. "Let it out, let it go/ Hold back the tears no longer, listen/ When you work too hard to get along/ Maybe it's time you moved on" With these lyrics Obama can take to the dance floor knowing how kindly history is going to look back upon his reign when we're under the iron fist of the Donald. 

She Wants Revenge performs 8 p.m. Friday, June 3, at Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave, Ft Lauderdale 33312. Tickets cost $22.50 plus fees via
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