Billy Corgan with his Signature Fender Stratocasters
Billy Corgan with his Signature Fender Stratocasters
Photo by Kristin Burns, via their MySpace

Smashing Pumpkins to do Small Venues Tour; Playing Revolution on July 20

Die-hard Smashing Pumpkins fans have had a rough go during the past few years. We've had to resort to watching Billy Corgan in all his shiny, cue ball-ed glory in huge arenas and stadiums around the world. After the pivotal triumph of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, SP has rarely played an intimate, small venue show... until now.

They've just announced a 12-venue countrywide summer tour -- and they're avoiding big towns like New York, California and their native Chicago, and making a beeline for Fort Lauderdale on July 20.

Set to perform at Revolution, 20+year rock veteran and SP frontman Billy Corgan will take the Pumpkins back to their grungier beginning -- sans original members, but potentially including older hits like "Today" and "Bullet with Butterfly Wings." Here's hoping, anyway.

Read more and check out a live performance of one of their latest singles, "A Song for a Son," after the jump.

They've changed their sound a bit throughout the years, transforming from the grungy softness that is Gish toward pop alternative rock success with Siamese Dream and their aforementioned junior album, releasing box sets filled with song covers, and 28+ track albums. Their latest effort after their 2007 comeback Zeitgeist album is Teargarden by Kaleidyscope Vol. 1: Songs for a Sailor-- a limited edition EP with 44 songs that have only been released a track at a time to fans online since late 2009. They're planning on performing not-yet-released material from this album, along with classics and obscure singles only the truest SP fans have ever heard of on this tour.

What's more, Corgan and co. are planning an even more intimate "special treat" for select fans, playing an invite-only set during soundcheck of mostly unreleased songs. The real question: How do we get on that list?   

No other specifics have been mentioned, but keep checking County Grind for ticket sale dates and ticket price announcements.

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