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SPL's Ear-Shattering Bass Elevates Respectable Street

SPL is less a sonic experience than a full-body assault via bass. Sam Pool, the man behind the Sound Pressure Level moniker, prefers to tread the darker waters of drum 'n' bass and dubstep, so the fact that bass is central to his sound should come as no surprise.

Where SPL shocks is in the extreme nature of his depth-charge frequencies. Heavy barely does it justice, and deep doesn't even begin. These are frequencies and volumes capable of shaking the fillings from your teeth and will convince you that sounds defiant of your perception are busy rearranging your insides. Coupled with these lower-than-lows is a knack for harnessing emotions. Dread is a common theme in SPL's work, and it is as invasive and pervasive as those bass notes. No one-trick pony, SPL is equally capable of building soaring highs. Of course, like the big bad wolf, Pool thinks those lofty moments are simply the better to plunge you down again, my dear.

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