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Stone Temple Pilots Storm Into Hard Rock Live

Lead singer Scott Weiland's burly Jim Morrison-esque baritone and brothers Robert and Dean DeLeo's bass-and-guitar assault helped make Stone Temple Pilots into alternative-FM darlings in the early '90s. With singles like "Plush," "Interstate Love Song," and "Big Empty," the STP crew began an upward ascent that rivaled even certain other flannel-clad groups.

As STP was releasing its third LP, dark-horse fan favorite Tiny Music... Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop, in 1996, Weiland and his drug addictions began to overshadow the music; the singer began working on a solo album, and the rest of the band formed the little-remembered project Talk Show in late 1997. The band reconvened for two new albums in 1999 and 2001 but didn't create much of a ruckus and folded in late 2002. Six years and change later, STP reunited for a tour and began recording this year's self-titled comeback album. However, the band recently postponed 12 tour dates after another bizarre Weiland episode in Houston. As of now, Tuesday's show is on, and it could be quite a spectacle.

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