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Ted Nugent - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - August 7

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Better than: Eating Jack Link's Teriyaki Flavored Brand Beef Jerky.

Ted Nugent never claimed to be a hippie, but his work with the Amboy Dukes was the soundtrack of the acid trip. Rock 'n' roll is freedom, and at its core, last night was a celebration of freedom. Freedom, like America? Sure. Freedom, like the right bear arms? Yeah, that too. Freedom to rock? Definitely the freedom rock, motherfucker.

The scene at Revolution last night was more than 40 years in the making. Blues-based, riff rock 'n' roll used to belong to the hippies, the weirdos, and the freaks. Somewhere in the past five decades, the spirit of Free Love and dimebags was strangled by the shitty economy and Coors Light. T'aint nothing wrong with that; people grow up.

The crowd was amped for Uncle Ted. There was much audible debate over whether there would be an opener or not. The crowd was speculating as to what was behind the tiny drum set on stage. There was a charcoal industrial tarp draped over something huge. Was it the Nuge's guitar cabs? (Spoiler alert: yes.) Was it an arsenal of weaponry? (Spoiler alert: yes.)

Opener Laura Wilde had to prove herself to Ted's legions. She came out decked in leather, studs, and Lita Ford hair. She wasn't very warmly received. Fortunately for her, her band was tighter than her pants. After a slew of catchy metallic power-pop jams, the crowd warmed up to her Flying V and raccoon tail.

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