Ten Names for Babies Conceived During Sade's First Tour in Ten Years

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Helen Folasade Adu -- better-known as Sade -- is a woman who just refuses to age. Now 51, she's still smokin' hot and still singin' about what she knows best: Gettin' it on. She's been doing this for so long, we wouldn't doubt it if someone told us we were conceived to one of her slow jams.

Sade and her band charged through the R&B game in the '80s with "Smooth Operator" and never looked back. Their infusion of soul, jazz, funk, and soft rock landed them in the Top Ten countless times and have earned them six Grammy nods and three wins so far. But what really astonishes us is the frontwoman's ability to get the panties dropping.

If you haven't had the chance to procreate with the direct influence of Sade yet, you're in luck. She'll be embarking on her first global tour in ten years starting June of 2011, and she's setting her sights on Fort Lauderdale, as per a recent press release. No set date yet for us, though.

Now, this could mean Cruzan or BankAtlantic Center, but we thought it best to give you a fair warning, so you can start decorating that nursery. Since... well, you know. It's always better to be prepared. And we're even willing to pitch in. Check out our top ten Sade-inspired baby names after the jump.

Angel (after "Smooth Operator"): A common theme in most Sade songs. Do you want his eyes to be like angels but his heart cold? It'll work well for a girl too -- just add an a at the end.

Frankie (after "Frankie's First Affair"): If you want to have a kid who will turn out to be that bad boy all the girls pine after, then this is the name to keep in mind.

Sally (after "Sally"): That baby can take care of herself and everyone else too. After all, she "opened out her arms to all those young men, and girl had room for every one of them."

Jezebel (after "Jezebel"): Will you still be going through rough times when you get knocked up? That's OK. Jezebel "wasn't born with silver spoon in her mouth/She probably had less than every one of us/But she knew how to bring the house down."

Pearl (after "Pearls"): "There's a force stronger than nature that keeps her will alive." Talk about a powerful message behind a name.

Mermaid (after "Mermaid"): Sade doesn't actually sing in this instrumental. But we definitely picture some action being had to those smooth, jazzy beats. And the name Mermaid is just so whimsical.

Taboo (after "The Sweetest Taboo"): Now we know what you're thinking. Yes, the typical meaning of taboo is usually associated with a negative connotation. But not in this case. It could work for a boy or a girl, and you could tell them that they are the "sweetest Taboo" and that they're just "too good" for everyone.

Moon and/or Sky (after "The Moon and the Sky"): Do twins run in your family? You can give them unique names that go hand in hand. "You'll know the reason why this love won't let you go."

Love (after "Soldier of Love"): Courtney has it as a last name... Jennifer Hewitt as a middle name... why can't your love child?

Runner up: Maureen (after "Maureen"): We're guessing you probably won't want to name your kid this at first. Do you really want your daughter to know she was inspired by lyrics like "I'm never going to see you again/ and you'll never meet my new friends"? Even though the song also says, "You were a souped-up car in that rent-a-go-kart town/And I miss you." Aww.

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