Ten Wildest Spring Break Bars in Fort Lauderdale

Congratulations! You've been working your asses off for what seems like an eternity, and now you've made it to the best week of them all: spring break. It's a truly magical time! You can skip town and transform yourself into that person who slugs down shots like a champ, works a tabletop dance like an actual stripper, and gets laid with great ease.

If you're one of the many people who have decided to grace Fort Lauderdale with your feisty presence this 2014, you're in luck. We've compiled a list of the ten wildest spots for you to drink like it's the day before Prohibition.

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1. Elbo Room

A local, well-established, wild watering hole by the beach, Elbo Room has been around for generations. This little hangout makes the top of our list due to its proximity to the beach. If you're looking for a place where you can watch all the hotties in their swimsuits walking up from the sand, this is your spot. There's always today's best hits blasting on the speakers and enough drink specials to keep you buzzed all night. This is definitely the perfect place to shake a tail feather without needing to comply with annoying dress codes.

2. America's Backyard

Take an outdoor bar, throw in some Hula-Hoops, install an overhead sprinkler system, and you get this awesome gift to Fort Lauderdale nightlife. The America's Backyard experience is truly unique. If you don't get a headache from overstimulation, you might actually have the best night of your life.

DJs play great music that allow for some dirty dancing with your choice of the many hot locals who frequent this place. The bartenders give away shots of the night's selected liquor of choice. And somewhere around 2 a.m., the Hula-Hoops come out and the sprinklers come on over the dance floor. America's Backyard is one of those bars that you'll wish you had in your town.

3. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood

If you're a spring breaker on a budget looking for Sin City-level entertainment, you have to check out the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The second you step onto the property, you're transported to a mini-Vegas.

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For the hard-core spring breaker looking for 24 hours of fun, this is the perfect place to get silly. You can start off the day poolside with a bucket of beers or fruity cocktails. After you've successfully gotten that tan you came to Florida for, you can enjoy the many restaurants and clubs located throughout the property. Or, if you're more of a risk taker, sidle up to the casino for some gambling. With a pool, casino, and more than 30 bars and restaurants, there's something for every type of spring breaker out there.

4. Capones

Walking into this bar is like walking onto the cast of Jersey Shore. And you know what that means? Loud and wild times. Though you're likely to lose your voice from shouting all night and the people who frequent this place aren't exactly mom-approved, the atmosphere is always energetic, and the drink specials are too good to pass up. Check it out on Fridays for three-for-one drinks. And by 2 a.m., you'll be shaking your ass with abandon or making out in a dark corner with someone whose name you don't quite remember.

5. Vibe Las Olas

This fun lounge is for the spring breaker who loves to dance all night to great music. With no set dance floor, Vibe offers its patrons the opportunity to jam out all over the club to an eclectic mix of sounds. This is the perfect spot for those of you looking to get down with locals in a dark club where talking isn't a thing. And on special nights, you can enjoy live musical performances, celebrity guest appearances, themes, and many other events tailored to the clubgoer looking for a new experience.

6. Blue Martini

Blue Martini is sort of like a restaurant inside of a bar inside of a dance club inside of a singles mixer.

It's a place that doesn't really fit into one single category. A true enigma, and yet always recommended for spring breakers. Why? For one, the martinis are delicious. Two, the live music is always by artists who are unique and actually talented. And three, you're guaranteed to leave with someone by the end of the night.

The atmosphere allows for actual conversation with people who are a tad classier than your typical spikey-haired douchebags who wear sunglasses to bars.

7. Briny Irish Club

This is a local favorite. Sure, the place always smells like a dirty armpit and the floor is usually sticky for no apparent reason, but people still flock here on the weekends like they're giving away free beer. Not only are the drinks on the cheaper side, they play all the songs you like to sing along with, and the bartenders are always friendly.

On the "wild" scale, it's not exactly a strip club or Las Vegas, but when you cram a bunch of horny strangers into a bar the size of a small one-bedroom apartment, one-night stands are inevitable. This place is a must-see if you're an out-of-towner looking for a sexy local to brush up against.

8. Beach Place

This fun little playground is guaranteed to show you a good time. The multifloor haven for drunkenness has a bar for every taste. Do you like to take shots and get sloppy on the dance floor? There's a bar for that. Or maybe you prefer to sip on some frozen drinks while listening to a great band? There's a bar for that too. Whatever your imbibing style, you won't end the night disappointed. Or sober.


What can we say about YOLO? It's one of those places you can't really describe. You kinda have to see it for yourself. The food is mouth-wateringly delicious, and the cocktails are always tasty, but if you go here, plan on spending some money. It's one of the pricier places on this list, but for any spring breaker visiting South Florida for the first time, it's worth it.

Not only do you get a great meal but you get some of the best people-watching in Fort Lauderdale. No one is walking around in scantily clad attire, but there are middle-aged divorcees prowling on men at least ten years their junior and white-haired men looking for trophy wife number five. YOLO always brings the entertainment to your night without ever really trying.

10. American Social Bar and Restaurant

One of the newer bars in Fort Lauderdale, American Social is a hit with all the locals. This is definitely a place you should check out if you enjoy craft beers.

They have self-serve beer taps where you can sample some of their finest brews. The food is multiple steps up ahead of your typical bar food too. This is one of those spots where you'll meet all the laid-back, beer-loving locals who just want to have a good time. And on most nights of the week, they have music-fueled events and great drink specials to suit everyone's taste buds.

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