The Bubble Hosting Hurricane Irene Party

Any time you prepare for the worst, you should also prepare for the best. In this case, the Bubble's cement-walled confines near downtown Fort Lauderdale will be a welcoming spot on the evening of Friday, August 26, as Hurricane Irene begins its scheduled ascent to the northern part of Florida.

Dubbed "Don't Let It Trouble You," this is the first official hurricane show of the season, and it's fixing to be a doozy. West Palm Beach's earnest indie-rock act Raggy Monster, a trio of artists from Fort Lauderdale in singer-producer extraordinaire Chris Horgan (Sweet Bronco), acoustic alchemist Brady Newbill (Dooms de Pop and others), and folk duo Surrender Lion, and the glittering ambiance of Adna from Hollywood. The artwork of Adolfo Bacigalupo and

Ti Hi will be on display, and righteous live painting by Jessica Alvarez.

Friday's tentative schedule:

7 p.m. - Adna - ambient guitar music, inside. (Adna songs and ambience between outdoor sets.)

8 p.m. - Brady Newbill

9 p.m. - Surrender Lion

10 p.m. - Chris Horgan

11 p.m. - Raggy Monster

This is not even the only gathering of the weekend for local avant-art enthusiasts, as Saturday boasts a "Sexy Car Wash" at 3 p.m. featuring some skimpily dressed Bubble men, and in the evening, "Rock Your Shorts" is basically a show featuring Travalonia, Dooms de Pop, and the Goddamn Hustle performing sweat-inducing jams to you in your happiest gym shorts. Read more about both events here. All of these events help the Bubble stay financially healthy, so please give generously.

"Don't Let It Trouble You." With Raggy Monster, Chris Horgan, Surrender Lion, Brady Newbill, and Adna. 7 p.m. Friday, August 26, at the Bubble, 810 NE Fourth Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Admission is $10 and will get you a cup for refreshment. Click here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.