The Clementines' Andrew Marr Attempts to Define a Battlehooch Before Little Munich Show Tonight

Recently, the Clementines (more on them here) frontman Andrew Marr humored County Grind and tried to get to the bottom of what Battlehooch means. Marr has a personal interest in this outcome because his band and local folk-rocker Jesse Baumann are performing with the "San Francisco Piecechow Rock" act, or psychedelic bros who would make for great tourmates for Akron/Family, tonight at Little Munich in Lake Worth.

A brief chat with Marr getting to the bottom of this pressing issue follows below.

County Grind: Can I ask you a question? What the heck is a Battlehooch?

Andrew Marr: Haha, I have no idea, it's a band's name from California.

Right I know that, but when you look in your mind, what do you see?

I see a large balloonish-type combat vehicle circa Dungeons and Dragons in 1974.

Wow, that's a pretty cool image. Is this something i can find a picture of, you think?

I would check the New York Public Library, that's the only place I've ever seen a photgraph...

Are you a D&D player yourself?

No, I've seen it destroy some friends lives, I vowed never to dabble.

According to Battlehooch, "Battlehooch is a pure nonsense word that 'combines the physical with the

absurd.' It is also a nickname for the sixth and final band member,

Grant Goodrich." So there you have it. Intrigued?

Battlehooch, the Clementines and Jesse Baumann. 10 p.m. Friday, August 27 at Little Munich, 806 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth. Click here.

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