The Goddamn' Hustle CD-Release Halloween Party at Green Room October 27

The Goddamn' Hustle is not just another dive-bar band catering to the likes of drunks guzzling whiskeys and PBRs. This Fort Lauderdale foursome is dedicated to providing a soundtrack for the slow waltz they call life. Their self-proclaimed "bluegazing garage pop" sound does just that. The Goddamn' Hustle has a knack for delivering infectious lo-fi tunes like "Summers Over Brah" and "All My Friends." So it comes as no surprise that the band is landing opening spots with noteworthy acts like Band of Skulls and Sister Hazel. As it moves into its next phase of popularity, the band has released its long-overdue album, The Goddamn Hustle Ruined My Life. "Our new record deals a lot with trying to remember who you are when you've become something completely different without realizing it," frontman Ashley Reda told New Times. "For me, it is the realization that people and situations will never stay the way you want them to forever, but that is all the more reason to enjoy what's going on while it's happening." The Goddamn' Hustle is pulling out all the stops for the CD-release party. Joining the band onstage will be an eclectic musical lineup of South Florida's finest, including Civilian, Rebel, Bleubird, and Protoman. Oh, and folks, don't be boring: It's Halloweekend, so play the upstairs haunted mini-golf course, and document how sexy or gory you can truly be at the photo booth.

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