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The Queers

For almost 30 years now, New Hampshire's resident rock 'n' roll oddballs the Queers have been helping misfit kids through high school with a brand of power-pop punk that's equal parts innocent and crass. Like the Ramones before them, Joe Queer and crew say the things outcast young punkers wanna hear in exactly the way they wanna hear them. In other words, he matches hilariously deranged lyrics to poppy, pogo-ready melodies. It's a kind of secret musical alchemy that has spawned sing-along anthems such as "No Tit" and "I Hate Everything" while also keeping the band forever busy recording and touring.

Formed in 1982, the Queers have seen their share of turmoil, including a breakup, a reunion, and a contract dispute with Lookout! Records, not to mention a ton of personnel turnover. These days, though, all is good with the Queers. Fresh off the August recording of their new album, the band's current three-man core — featuring founding member Joe on guitar and vocals, Dangerous Dave on bass, and Lurch Nobody at the kit — has hit the road again. And this Saturday, they'll land at Respectable Street for one of those vintage nights of good-natured sex, drugs, and punky fun.

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