Tonight! John Ralston, Grey and Orange Performing at Dada

John Ralston and his music are true poetry. His words are what holds the music and makes you go, "I never thought of that." "White Spiders," sounds like a more subdued version of the Shins. His voice sounds like it belongs in the '60s or '70s, but he has managed to let his voice evolve into a modern hybrid. Listening to the music over and over brings out the instrumentation more. It's chill out music for sure, and Dada is offering the perfect opportunity to relax on Friday when he performs with Grey and Orange.

We last heard from Ralston when he released his holiday-themed single in December, "A Marigny Christmas." After listening to some songs at his MySpace page, hearing classics "White Spiders"  and "Gone Gone Gone" really got me excited for the show.


imagery in these songs is powerful. It's like

watching the music unfold in a series of theater sets being wheeled

through a forest. Each of them has a different rich color assigned to it.

Something mixing fantasy and reality. The imagery is like recalling a dream.

There's a line in "Gone Gone Gone" that goes "I wanna touch you, I wanna

breathe you, say fuck you I don't need you." Both ironic and

sweet against what sounds like strings in the background, this song is a favorite right from the

chorus because it had such a simplicity that's raw and


Grey & Orange is a

nice balance to Ralston. With their guitar riffs and Southern Florida

style, they have a power-pop rock feel to their music. Grey and Orange

have some videos on YouTube.

John Ralston. With Grey and Orange. 11 p.m. Friday, January 14 at Dada, 52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. No cover; PBR specials. Click here.

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Jaclyn Rosansky
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