Top 10 R&B Sex Classics from The O'Jays; Playing Hard Rock Live Hollywood on Valentine's Day

"Rockin' and rollin'" is a euphemism for sex.

And R&B is the basis for rock and roll music.

And the O'Jays are in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

So, obviously, the O'Jays make great fucking music, And great fucking music.

No surprise they're playing Hard Rock Live in Hollywood on Valentines Day. Here are their greatest songs about doing it.

10. "Backstabbers"
Sometimes, love hurts. One day you come home, and there they are, fucking on the bathroom floor, hot sauce all over her feet, and oceans of love juice dripping from the ceiling.

9. "Love Train"

This may be the world's sweetest sounding song about running trains. And by running trains, we mean the kind of Valentine's sex that leaves the whole room with a smile on their face.

8. "For The Love Of Money"

Some people got to have it. Some people really need it. Do things, do things, do things, bad things, baby. But hey, golddiggin' sex freaks are as important to the economics of the tri-county as VIP ropes and beaches.

7. "Darlin' Darlin' Baby"

Every once in a while, it works. Mostly when you first meet and are convinced you're gonna spend the rest of your lives together, before everything goes to shit. During that icebreaking sex glow, darlin' baby.

6. "Girl Don't Let It Get You Down" 
This song is the flipcoin on "Backstabbers," where the O'Jays actually sing about being the smiling face and shoulder to cry on for a vulnerable lady in need of love.

5. "Let Me Make Love to You"

"I won't hurt, I'll treat ya ever so gentle, I'll do everything you want me to, just let me make love, sweet love, baby, I won't stop till ya ask me to, tell me to, beg me to." Yea, we'll say anything to get laid.

4. "Work On Me"

For when you wanna just lay back and bust a nut, over, and over, and over again. So, yeah, basically anytime. (Side note, this clip is from The Richard Pryor Show, music starts about 1 min. 50.)

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3. "Put Your Hands Together"

If you've never had "hallelujah!" sex, try again, and next time, make it clap.

2. "I Love Music"

Listen close, and then sing it out loud, if you change the word "music" for "pussy," or "penis," it's even more of a classic.

1.  "Livin' For The Weekend"
This year, Valentine's falls on a Thursday, the official first day of the weekend, so get out there, be safe, and have a good time with The O'Jays at Hard Rock Live.

The O'Jays, 8 p.m., February 14, at Hard Rock Live, One Seminole Way, Hollywood. Tickets cost between $39 and $79 plus fees. Visit hardrocklivehollywoodfl.com.

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