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Top Ten Stripper Songs of the Moment

10. "Dangerous" Kardinal Offishal featuring Akon
This is one is a pure ego booster for the ladies. When it comes on, the lucky girl working the pole at that time probably feels like a star. It's all about the baddest woman in the room and according to DJ FattBoi over at Diamond's Cabaret, girls are requesting this one like crazy.

9. "Naked Hustle" Bizzle
Here's another local jam that might not even be popular north of Orlando, but is a must-play track for DJs inside of black strip clubs. Bizzle wrote this song specifically for strippers and the strip club market. When the chorus of the song goes, "Make it rain, make it rain," and the precipitation he's talking about his cash, girls are automatically going to want this song played when they dance. The video for this song was even shot at a local strip club.

8. "She Can Get It" DJ Laz
I know my partner Arielle Castillo isn't a fan of this song by any means, but in certain Latin and black strip clubs in Miami, this song is a hit! It's basically all about guys ogling hot girls and deciding which ones they'd sleep with. If this were a question, the answer would be all of them. And a smart dancer knows how to look into every players eyes when this song is on and make them spend all of his money on her.

7. "Mrs. Officer" Lil Wayne featuring Bobby Valentino
This one is easy for even guys to dance to when it comes on. So how do you think strippers react to it? Scotty, the DJ over at Pure Platinum in Fort Lauderdale, says this month, he's been getting the most requests for this song out of anything that he plays. It's something about the guitars, bass, and Bobby Valentino imitating a police siren with his vocals that make this one a sure money-maker for strippers right now.

6. "I'm So High" Grind Mode
There's a radio version of this song called "She's So Fly" but don't expect to hear that one inside of strip clubs. The more hood friendly, "I'm So High" is still big inside of most titty bars, and with that sultry, overly synthesized Gorilla Tek beat guided this along, its easy for girls to shake their asses to this one and feel sexy at the same time.

5. "Ass & Titties" DJ Assault
This is Detroit booty music (the Northern compliment to Miami Bass) at its finest. What girl can't grind to this song. It's been a staple for years and still makes girls gyrate like crazy.

4. "Shone" Ball Greezy
This is pure 305 hip-hop and its lyrics are all about finding some good p*ssy after the club. With a sexy beat and that girls and guys can easily vibe to, this is the type of song that makes players with thick pockets throw money at girls. It's really only a hit inside of black strip clubs, but those are arguably the wildest clubs of the moment so even "Shone" can't get much radio play, it's still a hit inside of strip clubs which is just as important.

3. "Whatever You Like" T.I.
"Stacks on deck, patron on ice, and we can pop bottles all night, baby you can have whatever you like." It's a fact that women love T.I. And his newest single, "Whatever You Like" is the ideal song for girls on stage to fantasize to while dancing."Baby I can treat you special so nice, gas up the jet for you tonight, and baby you can go wherever you like." Most of these girls I've been meeting at strip clubs definitely want to be spoiled and don't want to be dancing naked for a bunch of sweaty guys. So this song can't miss.

2. "I Kissed a Girl" Katy Perry
You might not assume that this song has any chance of being a hit inside of strip clubs but look at the obvious: guys really like it when girls make out. Hell, half the time, girls like it when girls make out. And a lot of women who work at strip clubs aren't afraid to play on that fantasy when it's time to make money. With its uptempo, electro beat and cheesy (yet catchy) erotic lyrics, this is the perfect song for girl-on-girl shows in the VIP and champagne rooms at your local titty bar.

1. "Got Money" Lil Wayne and T-Pain
This song is a certified strip club anthem right now. No stripper wants to go home broke, and no guys sitting in the club want to look like they showed up without out any money. So when this song comes on, and ego takes over, everyone in the club gets excited. Guys throw money and girls love it, making this song a homerun.
Any DJ would be foolish not to keep this one in regular rotation for a long time.

Honorable Mention:

"Salt Shaker" Ying Yang Twins
It's no matter that this song is a few years old. "Shake it Like a Salt Shaker" is for girls with swollen backsides that know how to shake what their mama's gave 'em. Plus, with lyrics about a girl who "skeets [cums] so much, they call her Billy Ocean" there's plenty of eroticism in this ditty to be a staple in all of the local whole in the wall clubs where lap dances are only $10.

"Pop That Pussy" 2 Live Crew
No strip club DJ's collection would be complete without ample 2 Live Crew music. Their songs don't exactly get the strip clubs as live as they used to, but "Pop That Pussy" is a classic!

-- Jonathan Cunningham

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