Vice City Rockers Reminds Us Why We Like Dive Bars

If you're used to going to local shows, you know how rare it is for the bar crowd to shut up and pay attention for two seconds. It's not their fault, they came for the booze and maybe a little bit of pool. Half the patrons didn't even know there even was a show that night. If they did, they're confused, asking themselves, "it's not jazz night?" So when everyone actually stops their conversation to pay attention, you know that you're looking at something worthwhile.

From note one, Vice City Rockers set themselves apart from other fledgling punk outfits performing at a recent Churchill's show. The drums were blaring and precise, the singer was running around, yelling like a madman, and the guitars drew us to the stage like a fly drawn to a big ol' hunk of delicious horse poop.

We were able to land a few words with frontman Shawn Perkins and the boys to see what the band is up to.

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Anthony Hernandez