Weezer Cruise 2012 Assembles Remarkable Lineup

In a post-Bruise Cruise world, virtually no musician is above hitting the high seas for an indie-rock adventure. Look no further than the Weezer Cruise, which sets sail January 19-23, 2012, from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico. "Island in the Sun" is so on repeat!

Although County Grind has expressed some concerns about the band's affiliation with State Farm and putting Lost's Jorge Garcia on the cover of the Hurley album, there's no question that Rivers Cuomo and the fellas have hit upon the right time and the right formula for their "on a boat" moment. The performances will be on the lido deck as well as in an inside theater on the Carnival Destiny.

Joining Weezer is an impressive grouping of bands that either are revered for creating tastemaking music in the mid-'90s or bands that have followed in their footsteps successfully.

The Lineup:
Dinosaur Jr.
J. Mascis
Lou Barlow
Gene Ween & Dave Dreiwitz
The Antlers
Free Energy
Boom Bip
The Nervous Wreckords
The Knocks
Sleeper Agent
Yacht Rock Revue

A couple of notes based upon that lineup:
* Getting many of the properties of the J. Mascis/Lou Barlow universe on one deck is a major coup -- and booking guys who have been successful in multiple bands is a great way to make a lineup look juicier without extra cabins.

* Dave Dreiwitz is the bassist for the band Ween.

* Here's an early prediction that, barring a big fight between Nathan Williams and Bethany Cosentino, Best Coast will also appear on this cruise.

* Sleeper Agent is a really excellent band, and its presence on the cruise will likely be seen as a brilliant act of foresight as the date approaches.

Here is a promotional video:

"Prices start at $799 per person for double cabins, or pile in four

people for just $599 per person plus $179 for taxes and port fees." And if you think you can assemble that amount of scratch, click here for all of the ticket details.

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