Whiz Kid Rapper Wiz Khalifa Hits Revolution Sunday, June 20

Wiz Khalifa gives Pittsburgh a better name than Ben Roethlisberger
​If Wiz Khalifa were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring two things with him I'm guessing they would be kush (AKA cannabis) and orange juice, although on his brand spanking release, Kush and Orange Juice, he makes a much stronger case for the first.

The hype worthy release represents his eighth independently released mixtape in the past five years and his most successful effort to date since leaving Warner Bros in 2009. As a free download it has reached high water marks in internet promo, becoming a number one trending topic on Twitter and Google's Hot Search Trends as well as scoring favorable reviews from Pitchfork, PopMatters and Entertainment Weekly

Hailing from the same city as Girl Talk and the Steelers -- what he's affectionately dubbed "Pittsburgh, Pistol-Vania" -- Wiz hasn't let being from a place not typically synonymous with hip-hop get in the way of his grind. In the past 12 months, he released his second full-length album, Deal or No Deal, to much acclaim, toured rigorously, appeared on the cover of XXL, turned in notable performances at both CMJ and SXSW and gets noted on practically every hip-hop blog in existence. Not bad for a heavily tattooed, currently independent artist of 22.

Despite being annoyingly hyped up (and having a highly

agitating trademark laugh), Khalifa is actually a really talented MC.

His smooth flow, playfully arrogant charisma and excellent production

choices make him easy on the ears and being that his songs are almost

exclusively about weed and girls, his appeal is pretty much


Catch Wiz Khalifa on the "Deal Or No Deal" tour Sunday,

June 20 at Revolution Live with opening support from Miami's own

Phresh James, blog sensation D.Schwartz of the group D-Wirks and

fast-rising producer Numonics whose live set will feature several

surprise guest MCs in celebration of his new record Being Cool Doesn't

Pay The Bills.  If this show doesn't get you bombed out of your skull, I

guarantee you'll at least catch a contact high. Tickets go on sale on Saturday. Click here.

Here is the video for "This Plane":

-- Jasper Delaini

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