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Zitfest Day 2 at Orange Door, December 18

Zitfest Day 2
With Sumsun, the Dewars, Plains, the Monster, This Heart Electric, LLLR, Little Beard, Teepee, Go Ghosts, Band in Heaven, Guy Harvey, the Jameses, and Love Handles.
The Orange Door, Lake Park
Saturday, December 18, 2010

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The seriously anticipated second day of Zitfest lived up to all the expectations

-- massive, killer, seamless. The Orange Door in Lake Park functioned much like a house show -- the crowd was

a hundred-deep group of best friends and there was a genuine appreciation for

the bands, since most are face-melting hometown heroes. Mingling, excessive in

between sets, would cease totally once the music got going


The Orange Door was the breakout star, and this is

purely from an outsider's perspective. Seated in a shopping plaza in a

relatively desolate intersection, the pale yellow warehouse features a banner

on its exterior advertising it as the go-to destination for "Christian,"

Alternative," and "Blues." Obviously a local mainstay, it had a comforting

mien: bartenders who might've been there for years, rainbow Christmas lights, a

checkerboard floor bizarre and sprawling enough to make the place look like an

extension of its neighbor, Party City (also: a caged skeleton). The festival came with its own paper

program containing a map highlighting The Orange Door's location, plus the

nearest place to get pizza. No point in that, though, because local food vendor Pete Cavanagh was armed with charcoal grills to create vegetable

paninis, and chicken salad.

A rundown of the magic itself: LLLR, the first act caught by this reporter, is CJ Jankow's fast-paced

guitar paired with Nelson Hallonquist's textured, lightning-storm drones. Miami's Little Beard, both

adorably twee and gritty, played a slew of new songs and averted

disaster when singer/keyboardist Sarah Attias avoided a fall. She later shared

a microphone with Teepee, whose organic-but-psyched-out fuzz was exceptionally

lush and beautiful.

Go Ghosts'

candied indie rock had catchy, seemingly-love-fueled tunes that were fun enough

to temper some early technical difficulties. The DJ followed them with "Goodbye

Horses," which the Band In Heaven, joined by a drummer and tambourine-player,

then played, as if in immediate homage. The Cranberries' "Dreams," though, served as crowd-charmer. "This is another cover," said guitarist

Ates Isildak. "All of our songs

are covers."
Guy Harvey's melodies

are so guitar-driven that, after the equally energetic Band in Heaven, the guys resembled the Feelies in both style and

their ability to get people moving more wildly than before.
As for the Jameses -- organizers, roadies and buddies of everything this weekend -- the set resulted in the happiest kind of mosh pit: hand-holding, mid-dance

hugging, a loving swarm around Jesse Bryan and requests from Dan McHugh for

everyone to get much closer.
Love Handles played as Love Handles Extreme, a

nine-piece of friends featuring maracas, bongos, a horn, and emotional


So eager everyone was to support

each other that the vibes became familial, and while trains blared on the

nearby railroad tracks, certain members of Miami bands, after the draining drive,

felt comfortable enough to nap in cars parked right in front of the venue.

Critic's Notebook

Better Than: Day 1 of Zitfest -- but only the category of lineup size.

Random Detail:

single person in attendance danced (or swayed enthusiastically) for at least one song per set.

By the Way:

event was not actually thrown in support of The Tea Party.

Overheard: "Is Matt

Cutler [of Tumbleweave] here?  We

hate you, Matt Cutler." -The Band In Heaven's Lauren Dwyer in a moment of sweet


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