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Bills Fans Blame Refs for Dolphins Thursday Night Slaughter

The Miami Dolphins opened a very large can of whoop-ass on the Buffalo Bills Thursday night, decimating the Bills 22-9 in a game that was slathered in playoff implications. The winner of this game would move on to challenge for the AFC East title, the loser would be on the outside looking in.

But the Dolphins came into the game with more baggage. Buffalo had beaten them the last three games, and the last four out of five. The Bills also obliterated Miami in their Week 2 meeting.

But the Fins would overcome an uneven first half and came out guns blazing in the second. Yet everyone on the losing end -- from Bills fans to Bills players -- were unable to take the ass-kicking and go home quietly. As it happens after a huge rivalry, people got super salty.

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The issue seems to be over some calls by the referees that went the Dolphins' way, including an intentional grounding call that gave Miami a safety.

Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes started the salt-off after the game.

Hughes was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after he yelled at and then bumped a ref for falling to call holding, but decided that was somehow not his fault.

"I've never see a holding call missed at the point of an attack like that," Hughes said after the game. "I'm at a loss for words."

He then decided to lose 200 grand in fines by continuing to pour salt all the place.

Also, he doesn't seem to know what "loss for words" means because he kept talking.

"I did yell because I did get held on that play," Hughes told "I made sure I yelled, 'Holding.' Whatever else came after that, I really don't know. I don't know."

And Bills fans, who are not known for their gentlemanly conduct, went all in on the salt parade on Twitter. Some reporters also chimed in.

Salt was had by all:

Ben Volin -- who used to cover the Dolphins for the Palm Beach Post and was a big Jeff Ireland apologist -- was also filled with the salt. He now covers the Patriots. WE'RE COMING FOR YOU BEN!:

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