FAU Basketball Fans Rush the Court After Beating 63rd-Ranked George Mason

We understand it's been a tough stretch for athletics at Florida Atlantic University over the past few months (like the whole football thing), so we won't blame any Owls fans for getting a little excited on Saturday night.

See, George Mason University's basketball team -- ranked 63rd in the nation in Ken Pomeroy's listing -- traveled to Boca Raton to play the Owls on Saturday night, and FAU ended up winning 80-75 in overtime.

After FAU beat a team situated between Oral Roberts and Northern Iowa in the rankings, some of the fans made an interesting decision -- to rush the court.

GMU Hoops provides the video:

We suppose there's no threshold for how "good" a team has to be before court-storming occurs, but the

Washington Post

's Dan Steinberg evaluated the situation pretty well.

"I try not to be one of those court-rushing evangelists who insist that there are rules for when and when not it's permissible for college basketball fans to rush the court," he says. "But here's a rule I feel ok about: if you beat the team that's predicted to finish second in a down CAA and has just recently lost to Florida International, you should probably just remain in your seat and see if anyone left a half-eaten popcorn container in your general vicinity."

We still love you, young Owls.

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