Grizzly Bear on the Loose in Florida UPDATED

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been on the lookout for an escaped grizzly bear in Naples.

The 125-pounder named Booboo apparently escaped from a private ranch near Naples in the Golden Gate Estates area on Tuesday.

Which means this little guy's been hanging around, going through people's garbage cans and swimming in backyard pools for three days now.

Weeeee! Vacation Bear ain't care!

Booboo is owned by animal trainer Dexter Osborn, who goes on cross-country trips with him and a couple of other bears, putting on live shows and occasionally working a TV or film that needs a bear in it.

The bear, which is actually a cub, has most likely been hiding out in the woods near Osborn's property (like an alley cat!).

However, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Supervisor Mitts Mravic, the bear might be headed south in search of food.


Mravic says residents who spot the bear should report it immediately. He also warned residents not to approach the bear for any reason.

"Residents should remain calm but pay attention to their surroundings," Mravic said. "If you see the bear, please do not approach it. Get indoors if you can, and call the Fish and Wildlife Commission or local law enforcement."

Cute and cuddly will rip your arm out of the socket and then eat you.

Wildlife officials are also looking into the cause of the escape.

But it might be because the bear refuses to be a monkey and dance for the people.

Power on, Booboo! SEE THE WORLD!

Update: Booboo has been found and captured after officials shot him with a tranquilizer dart. He is reportedly unharmed and back home with Osborn.

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