LeBron James Is Glad It Was Jason Terry He Obliterated With That Dunk

Unless you've been trapped under something (or someone) heavy the past 24 hours, you've seen the video of LeBron James utterly destroying Celtics bigmouth Jason Terry with something that can only be described as The Dunk of Annihilation.

Because the internet is an awesome place, video of the dunk instantly went viral and spawned hundreds of memes and gifs and photos immortalizing the play for all time.

And when LeBron James was finally asked about it, he said that it not only ranks as one of his personal all-time dunks but he was glad that it was Jason Terry whom he left a smoldering hunk of charred, melted flesh with his thunder dunk.

"It's one of my better ones," LeBron told the media Wednesday. "And the fact that it happened to J.T. makes it even that much sweeter because we all know J.T. talks too much sometimes."

And then, echoing the sentiments of Heat fans (and Celtics/Jason Terry haters) the world over, he added:

"I'm glad it happened to him."

We all are, LeBron. 

We. All. Are.

(And, judging from the Heat bench's reaction after the dunk, his teammates are also glad it was Terry.)

As we pointed out in our game recap Tuesday, Terry has long been an annoying little troll toward the Heat.

Prior to the Celtics' facing the Heat on Monday night, Terry wrote in his ESPN diary that, other than LeBron and Dwyane Wade, he "doesn't know what makes [the Heat] good."

And he said he's "not really impressed with anything that they do" when asked about Miami's current 23-game winning streak.

He still insists that he should have two rings instead of one and generally acts like a total dickweed and talks massive amounts of smack toward the Heat, even though he's done precious little to earn the right to do so (he was a Dirk Nowitzki MVP finals performance away from going 0-2 against Miami in the NBA Finals).

So, when LeBron utterly obliterated Jason Terry from existence in one fell swoop, it's good to know James is like the rest of us and loves the fact that it was The Jet more than any other player.

The fact that it was a Celtic is just a bonus, like when you find an onion ring that fell into your fries at Burger King.

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