Five New Year's Resolutions for South Florida Sports Fans

It's a new era for Miami sports fans — time to cast off your perennial skepticism and jump on the bandwagon a bit sooner.
Fans listen to the national anthem before the start of the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium on September 18, 2022.
Fans listen to the national anthem before the start of the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium on September 18, 2022. Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images
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There is no better time to mark a fresh start than the new year. With another trip around the sun, we've returned to that section of the calendar best known for well-intentioned yet often broken promises.

As we kick off 2024, it's out with the old and in with the new for supporters of Miami sports teams. Fans are entertaining hopes that fledgling talent across South Florida's "Big Four" squads will usher in an era of playoff-worthy play for the Panthers and Marlins and thrust the Dolphins and Heat back into the dominant form for which they were once known.

It's time to test our resolve to become better fans, whether by committing to tune out the chattering pundits or watching a few Dolphins games before they clinch a playoff spot.

Here are five New Year's resolutions Miami fans should honor in 2024.

Mute Colin Cowherd

For some reason, we never learn. Even while understanding that so many television talking heads thirst upon the outrage of those who are the subject of their "hot takes," we still give them the desired attention.

Regarding FS1's Colin Cowherd, he's not even good at hiding what his business model is all about. His voice has the worst poker face in all the hot-take land. He wants you to be outraged at his Miami Dolphins' opinions. He pokes the bear, moves the goalposts, and pokes it more.

In the New Year, abide by a life hack many discovered years ago: silence his noise. Mute him on social media. Never visit the hard-to-find channels he occupies. And don't tune into his radio show, if he even does one anymore.

Make it a point in 2024 not to feed into the "outrage porn" upon which Colin Cowherd's career has been built.

Stop Doubting Miami Heat Scouts

New rule — if the Miami Heat draft a player, trust the decision.

Case in point: the team selected Jaime Jaquez Jr. as the 18th overall selection of the 2023 NBA Draft, and he has since put on a Rookie of the Year-level first half of the season

Fans doubted Miami when they drafted Bam Adebayo as the 14th selection in 2017, and they did it again when the Heat selected Tyler Herro with their 13th pick in 2019. If J.J.J. turning into a starter-caliber player right out of the gate in his rookie year isn't enough to get you to stop questioning the Heat's first-round selections, nothing ever will.

Come the NBA Draft, just let the Heat cook. Make it a New Year's resolution.

Get Real About Mario Cristobal

The Miami Hurricanes are not in good hands.

The Canes' 7-6 season in 2023 showed that all the recruits in the world couldn't overcome Mario Cristobal's stone-age thinking and leadership. If Cristobal weren't a former Hurricane, fans would have flown planes with sky banners calling for his firing.

Cristobal is now 74-73 all-time as a head coach and 12-13 at Miami. If you're looking for signs of positivity, good luck — The arrow is pointed down unless you're pinning your hopes on 17-year-olds committed in 2025.

Hurricanes fans will spend their time on social media trolling Florida State for missing the College Football Playoff after a 13-0 season, but then point to the turnaround of the Seminoles' program as the model Miami could follow. Only problem? FSU has Mike Norvell as head coach, and the Hurricanes do not.

Expect less from Cristobal in 2024 because it could be the last year you ever hear from him as the Hurricanes' head coach.

Keep That McDaniel Energy

Everyone loves a winner, and Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel is currently the life of the party thanks to the team's success on the field. What is in the back of many Dolphins fans' heads is the inevitable reaction to his quirks and outgoing over-sharing personality once things go south, which, if the salary cap has any say, could be as soon as next year.

McDaniel is a revelation in Miami, but as the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick are currently proving, even the greatest team-coach relationships eventually go sour. The NFL is a what have you done for me lately business.

Remember the current good times and give McDaniel plenty of leeway to figure things out in the future. He's earned as much by bringing the Dolphins to the playoffs in his first two seasons as the franchise's head coach.

Get on the Wagon Earlier

Whether it be a deep Miami Marlins or Florida Panthers postseason run or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have the greatest player in soccer history playing in your backyard, make sure 2024 is the year you go out of your way to invest in paying attention to our local teams earlier in a season, making their success that much sweeter in the end. 

If there is one thing South Florida fans are most known for, it is, unfortunately, that they're late to the party. This can be a year where we dispel those notions and prove what locals have long known — Miami is one of the greatest fan bases in the world. We just do things differently. 
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