The Nine Best Places to Play Pokemon Go in Broward

Geeking out over Pokémon is finally cool thanks to the recent arrival of Pokémon Go. It's no longer a passive 1990s card game played in middle school cafeterias. In order to catch 'em all, you need to ditch your air conditioning and Netflix and take to the actual streets. 

But the competition is fierce. Last week, 7.5 million users downloaded the app. When your turf is a sprawling suburban wonderland like Broward County, hunting in tactical locations will make all the difference. Just stay hydrated and try not to trip over any dead bodies

If you want to play like a pro and not roam aimlessly around Weston, head to these nine Broward spots radiating with PokéStops, gyms, and invisible creatures.
9. Sawgrass Mills Mall
During the holiday season, Sawgrass Mills is the perfect place to lose grandma in a horde of last-minute shoppers. Now that it's summer, the masses are flocking to Florida's second largest mall (Aventura is bigger) for PokéStops, gyms, and lure modules. The biggest attractions, though, are the air conditioning and Orange Julius. 
8. ArtsPark at Young Circle
In reality, the ArtsPark lures residents for movie nights, live music, and other cultural events year-round. In Pokémon Go's "augmented reality," the park's lush ten acres host at least five PokéStops and two gyms. Be sure to stop at PRL Euro Cafe if you need a cold one after all your training.
7. Tate's Comics
Gamers have been heading to this Lauderhill comic store to play Pokémon for years. The Pokémon gods have been watching and to reward their continued support have blessed the region around Tate's with PokéStops and two gyms. 
6. Undergrounds Coffeehaus
Come for the PokéStops situated in this quirky coffee shop that's nestled above a dry cleaners in an unassuming shopping center on Federal Highway. When you're done, be sure to recharge on over-the-top coffee concoctions and more than 40 flavors of tater tots before you head back out there. 
5. War Memorial Park
Imagine dying honorably in WWII only to have your shrine overrun by a gang of ambitious Pokémon trainers. We hear there are some PokéStops here. Just remember to show some respect.
4. Hollywood Beach Boardwalk
There's a gym here, and Margaritaville is crawling with Pokémon. When you're peering down at your phone trying to catch a Pidgey, beware of passersby and tricycles.
3. Nova Southeastern University
Spring semester might've ended months ago, but this Davie campus is still bustling with people. There are nearly a dozen PokéStops and a gym. Administrators might've finally found a way to boost attendance. 
2. Pompano Pier
As a rule, Broward beaches are teeming with PokéStops. Word on the street, though, is that Pompano Pier is home to the hard-to-find Gyarados dragon.  Stop by, stick your pole in the ocean, and run around trying  to catch creatures in a virtual dimension. 
1. Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale
Catching Pokemon isn't so bad when there is shade and a slight breeze off the water. Riverside Park is home to a few PokéStops and a sanctuary for Ivysaur, Onyx, Exeggutor,  Psyduck, and Magikarp.
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