61. The Gatherer at B.C. Tacos

As a countdown to the Best Of Broward/Palm Beach 2012, coming in June, Clean Plate Charlie is serving up 100 of our favorite dishes in South Florida. Send your own nominations to Melissa.McCart@BrowardPalmBeach.com.

61. The Gatherer at B.C. Tacos

61. The Gatherer at B.C. Tacos

Let's consider the caveman (which, by the way is the theme of B.C. Tacos) for one moment. We're pretty sure that the day after primitive man created fire, he figured out that as good as something tastes cooked -- it tastes better fried. We're thinking that Ugh the caveman first fried a leaf or a tomato before moving on to things that would fight back -- like a wooly mammoth. So it's only fitting that B.C. Tacos has come full circle with its gatherer taco, featuring fried avocados instead of brontosaurus bits.

Chef/owner Bret Chiavari dices ripe Haas avocados, washes then in an egg

bath, and coats them in panko bread crumbs seasoned with a secret blend

of spices. The avocados are fried, then placed inside a taco shell and

topped with lettuce, mozzarella cheese, and house-made chipotle

mayonnaise. The taco is creamy and dreamy and manages to feel both healthy

and indulgent at the same time. 

At $3 each, we suggest taking a bunch home, dressing like Pebbles and

Bam Bam, and having a little taco party -- caveman style!

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