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Atlas Meat-Free Deli Offering Vegan Thanksgiving Spread With Parlour Bakery Dessert

For those who want to opt out of the traditional dead-bird-as-dinnertime centerpiece next Thursday, Atlas Meat-Free Deli is offering a Thanksgiving spread that's completely cruelty-free.

The popular meatless eatery in Yellow Green Farmer's Market has released a special lineup featuring everything from roast to quiche to cupcakes.

Dubbed "The Feast of Gratitude," the holiday menu features a roast ($33, nine servings), pan-seared and stuffed with dressing; holiday stuffing ($11, three servings), with maple breakfast sausage and French bread; apricot-glazed meatloaf ($14, three servings); and a quiche ($24, six servings), choice of either chorizo kale or Sicilian-style vegetable. 

"The roast is actually something that I don't sell necessarily at the store — we originally used Quorn roast as our [sliced] turkey," Atlas owner Ryan Bauhaus says. "This isn't really a sliced, deli-style turkey — it's more a savory, pan-seared roast. 

"The stuffing is a family recipe on my wife's side. It has roasted chestnuts. There was bacon in the original recipe, but we're substituting other ingredients to get that savoriness in there. The quiche is something that my wife came up with. It's a mix of our mozzarella and our gourmet cheese. It's savory, it's creamy, it's delicate —- it's a really nice treat. It's something we're eating at our own Thanksgiving if I don't sell out."

For an additional $33, customers can also choose two organic sides (made by Santana Wellness Solutions) and six mini vegan cupcakes, made by Parlour Vegan Bakery. Options include shaved Brussels sprouts, sweet and spicy collard slaw, sweet potato hash, lemony asparagus and cannelloni bean salad, and roasted fingerling potatoes. Cupcake selection includes two salted caramel and apple pie hybrid, two pumpkin bourbon pecan, and two carrot cakes. 

"Parlour is utilizing our chorizo sausage in their empanadas," Bauhaus says. "People seem to love it. I send a lot of people their way just through Facebook. It's sold really well — we just have this back and forth, local purveyors working together.

"Santana Wellness, who does the sides, she's a personal chef who works with organic produce. She does vibrant, healthy side dishes. You can hire her privately, but when you see what she does on her social sites, she does a lot of salads, and they're vibrant and they look healthy and taste awesome."

The menu is available for preorder through Thursday, November 19. The Atlas crew can also deliver in Broward and Dade counties. Orders can be placed via email at [email protected] or by calling 305-323-6661. 

"It's a cohesive menu. You have your entrée and your side dishes and dessert. It's convenient, and it's affordable too." 

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