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Best Business Promotion Ever? "Just the Tip Tuesdays" With the Delivery Dudes

"That'll be $13.73, ma'am."

"No delivery fee?"

"No, ma'am. It's Tuesday. Just the tip."

"What a gentleman."

The good thing about a "just the tip" joke is that it's safe (pun intended). If you get the joke, you're probably not offended by it. If you are the type of person who would be offended by it, you probably don't get it.

Offended or amused, who wouldn't enjoy a fee-free delivery from the Delivery Dudes? It's a delivery/concierge service that picks up food -- or dry cleaning, or groceries, or your pet -- whatever you need, from places that otherwise don't deliver. Sandwich from My Market? Check. Burger from Rok:Brgr? They're on it. Need your dog walked? They'll do it!

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"We wanted to promote our slowest day, and it's kind of just taken off," says Jayson Koss, owner of Delivery Dudes. "Tuesday has become our biggest day because of the promotion. I love showing up at people's doors and they're dying laughing or they're just happy not to have the delivery charge. We found this promotion lets the drivers have some fun with the customers because of the connotation, and it reminds the customers that the guys do work mainly on tips."

The Dudes started out doing concierge deliveries in Delray Beach and have since expanded to Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Wellington. And in every city where the Dudes Deliver, on Tuesdays there's no delivery charge.

As for the naughty double-entendre of the promo's slogan?

"People think that it's hilarious, and we're happy to make people laugh," says Koss. "I went to this one lady's door and she said that our newsletter is getting sent around like a chain letter because it was so funny. If this continues to work like this, we might come out with promotions that are similarly funny, like Sober Up Sundays and offer half-off, like, coconut waters, or Pantry Droppin' Thursdays, where you get half off everything in the Delivery Dudes' pantry."

For now, Koss says they are going to continue to ride out the success of Just the Tip Tuesdays. To place your order, visit and choose your city. And please, tip your driver.

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