Bikini Coffee Shop Opening on Singer Island: Hot Help Wanted

What would it take for you to switch from your daily Starbucks or

Dunkin' Donuts coffee addiction?  Would it take cheaper java, a richer

roast...or babes in bikinis?

That's the question that begs to be answered when Bikini Coffee opens on Singer Island. WPEC Channel 12 News

reports that the shop, located at 1289 East Blue Heron Boulevard, is

set to open any day now.

Though not much is known about the shop, it

looks as though the coffee machines and counter stools are ready to go.

All that's needed is a few bikini-clad babes skilled in latte


If you're interested in becoming a bikini-clad barista, the shop has a posting on Craigslist. They're looking for part and full-time applicants that "must look good in a bikini and have a enthusiastic personality." Pay starts at $8 an hour with "good tips".

The concept apparently is working in many other (and colder) parts of the U.S. Cowgirls Espresso, which features gals in bikinis, has 14 locations throughout Washington State, and 27 locations throughout the country. The chain features daily themes like Military Monday, Bikini Wednesday, and Schoolgirl Thursday. By the way -- it's currently rainy and 43 degrees in Seattle so these gals have to be really dedicated employees -- or make sure the heat is turned waayyyy up in the shop. 

So far, not much else is known and an e-mail and phone message were not returned for comment. Clean Plate Charlie will keep you posted on any updates, as we hear them.

Here's a video of what we can expect. If you were thinking of cutting down on your coffee intake -- now might not be a good time to go "cold turkey".

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.