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Bistro Mezzaluna Moved to a Space Four Times Its Old Size: Smart Move?

This week, I reviewed Bistro Mezzaluna, a restaurant that's beating the odds in the face of an economic downturn. Many eateries are currently shuttering their doors or barely holding on. Others are taking out obscene loans, hiring celebrity chefs to generate buzz, or demeaning themselves with desperate appearances on reality TV.

But this bistro is heading in the opposite direction. Bistro Mezzaluna vacated its space in a shopping plaza on 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale in September and hauled all its stuff across the street into a freestanding, two-story building that's 14,000 square feet -- more than four times the size of its old locale. The new space boasts two separate dining areas, one patio equipped with a tiered fountain, a spacious piano bar, and three banquet rooms on the second floor.

The restaurant is betting on its formal setting and classic take on American and Italian-inspired fare. So, was it a smart move?

Read the full review of Bistro Mezzaluna.

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Emily Codik

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