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Blog Watch: The Times They Are A'Changin'

Short Order is starting off a new, weekly feature called Blog Watch, where we'll bring you the best of what's going down on food blogs across South Florida. This week, bloggers seem to be talking about a guy with black robes and a scythe visiting restaurants as well as cooking from home... wonder if there's a connection there?

We'll kick things off with MenuPages, who're reporting that not two well-visited South Florida eateries have gone belly up, in addition to another entire chain. Seems like being a restaurateur right now is a lot like being a journalist -- who knows when the axe will fall?

Sara over at All Purpose Dark checks out Cinebistro at the Dolphin Mall, a new joint where you can sup mussels in white whine sauce while you watch Hancock, or maybe ham croquettes with Mamma Mia!? Up to you. The movies and food thing does seem to be making a comeback, however. We like the idea of this one a bit better, though.

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Danny Brody at Daily Cocaine is eating in a lot lately. Tough times, eh fellas?

OK, so this one is a bit old, but have you seen Miami Dish's ode to bacon? Now that's a gal after my own heart. Plus, this gives me an excuse to post my favorite bacon pic, another oldie-but-goodie courtesy of the Breakfast Blogger.

Yes, that's a Bacon Quilt. How can you not love that?

Foodtastic looks at North One 10. They're participating in Miami Spice, by the way... tune in to Short Order tomorrow to see if our own Lee Klein recommends you put it on your Spice rack.

Julie O'Hara does an interesting how-to for summer squash fettuccine, complete with YouTube video. I'm smelling Next Food Network Star '09, Julie!

Mumble pie takes the tomatillo plunge. Speaking of tomatillo plunges, swimming around in some salsa verde doesn't seem like that bad an idea. Discuss.

Any local blogs we missed? Please let us know with a comment!

-- John Linn

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