British Newspaper The Telegraph Mocks American Food; We Fight Back

The British newspaper The Telegraph has a slideshow up today mocking the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona, California. The slideshow is titled "Only In America".

As you can probably guess, it features image after image of deep-fried American specialties such as deep fried Oreos, deep-fried Snickers, deep-fried Kool-Aid balls, and even deep-fried corruptions of healthy foods like avocado.

Now, we know that there is a bit of trolling going on here on the part of the Telegraph. There are also plenty of Brits in the comments defending our lardy ways and pointing out that this was a county fair, after all.

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But still, what the hell, England? Seriously? You're one to talk. We thought we were in this overweight, first-world nation thing together. We were going to ask you to join Weight Watchers with us and be our diet buddy. Is this about our break-up? Eng, come on, that is so two centuries ago. We both agreed, we're better off as friends.

Besides, Britain is the land that practically invented fried foods, not to mention clotted cream. The signature dish of the United Kingdom is the classic fish and chips - an indulgent celebration of deep-fried delight with not a single vegetable in sight. (White potatoes don't count.)

Possibly the greatest cooking show ever - certainly the best British cooking show - is literally called Two Fat Ladies. (If you're not familiar, get familiar because, all kidding aside, those ladies were awesome.)

Now, no one is denying that Americans like to indulge their tastebuds. The U.S. does, after all, lead the world in obesity. (Go team!)

But, umm, I'm sorry - who is that at number three? That's right. You, England.

We love our Brits. We thank them for all the beer, and fish and chips are delicious! But maybe the Telegraph should have gone for a different title with that slideshow instead of "Only In America". Perhaps they could have called it "We Taught Them Everything They Know" or "America: Deep Frying Things British Style".

After all mate, You Are What You Eat.

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