Deal of the Day: $8 for $20 Worth of Food & Drink at La Fiesta Cafe in Delray Beach

But unlike the other Mexican pit stops -- where you order fast, fresh and make-as-you-go -- at Fiesta Cafe, things can go a bit slower. 

There's sit-down service, for one -- despite the fact the restaurant also 
offers convenient delivery for both lunch and dinner.

What really sets La Fiesta apart from all the rest: options, options, options. And that's why -- for today only -- they are our Deal of the Day. Act now and receive $20 worth of food and drink for just $8.

The first thing to catch your eye on the Fiesta Cafe and Mexican Grill menu is their extreme use of veggies. Order up anything on the menu -- like quesadillas, fajitas or enchiladas -- and your choices aren't limited to just chicken, beef, shrimp or fish. Instead, add in a few oddball extras, like portobello mushroom and spinach, or put it all together to include a combination of any. 

Feeling especially green? Go for the Veggie Burrito, a 10-inch flour tortilla covered with melted cheese and stuffed with refried beans, onions, peppers, mushroom and spinach ($10.75). Served with a side of lettuce, sour cream and rice, it's a full day's serving of vegetables in one meal.

Charlie's must-have pick: anything with the house mole, a spicy, brown or green chocolate-based sauce that makes any meal that much better. Try the El Mole Burrito, with your choice of shredded chicken or beef ($12.25), or the more traditional El Mole with Chicken, an entree-style quarter chicken smothered in either green or brown mole sauce ($12).

One thing you definitely won't find anywhere else: the Mexican Fries, topped with refried beans, pica de gallo, jalapenos and melted cheese ($6.25). The wraps are also a special only to La Fiesta, like the Shrimp Mango and Chicken Cilantro wraps ($9.25/$8.75).

Finish it off with a classic Mexican-style dessert, including Coconut Flan ($4.00). Not to be missed: the house specialty, Deep-Fried Cheesecake, a classic slice of cheesecake wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep-fried until golden brown, then finished off with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a drizzling of chocolate syrup ($5.90).

2275 S. Federal Hwy. #300
Delray Beach, FL 33483
(561) 266-8558

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