Executive Chef Michael Bennett Leaves Bimini Boatyard

Bimini Boatyard executive chef Michael Bennett has left his position at the popular Fort Lauderdale seafood restaurant to pursue several other culinary avenues of interest.

Bennett, who resigned his position shortly after Thanksgiving, is consulting on two projects as well as writing part two of his chef essay/workbook Culture of Cuisine.

Wine Down Gourmet Market and Restaurant will open this December in Grand Cayman. The restaurant will feature gourmet cheese and meats, salads, and inspired tapas selections. Grand Cayman is fast becoming the foodie capital of the Caribbean, with restaurants by Michael Schwartz, Cindy Hutson, and Eric Ripert all having a presence on the island.

Harvest Market and

Cafe in Bellair Bluffs on Florida's west coast is Bennett's other

endeavor. Scheduled to open on Valentine's Day 2012, the market will be

modern and spacious, with a large selection of gourmet foods.

Bennett is also the author of two cookbooks, Underneath a Cloudless Sky and In the Land of Misfits, Pirates, and Cooks (which he recently revised as a 100 percent gluten-free cookbook).  His books are available on Amazon.com.

No word yet on Bennett's replacement at Bimini Boatyard.

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