Happy Hour

Happy Hour: YOLO in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

"You only live once, but if you drink enough, once is enough." - A drunk I met in Europe


in downtown Fort Lauderdale is the swanky spot you take someone you

want to impress. Maybe the upper management after work? Maybe the cute

new girl from work? (Though I'd caution on the latter, as

relationships in the workplace usually end up with your car being keyed and

having to watch one of the awkward videos issued by the HR department.)

But whomever you choose to dine with,

they'll enjoy YOLO's

design-magazine decor and its ambiance; a mix of low music, dark woods

and cabs beeping their way down Las Olas. It's Blue Martini... just

nicer, with superior food and I still feel cool inviting friends there

for dinner.

As for deals,YOLO is more of the go-to place for a happening hour

than it is a happy hour (from 4pm-7pm all drinks at the bar are just $2 off.

No food specials). But you get what you pay for. If you had your hopes

up for a 3-4-1 there's probably a Bennigans somewhere on Oakland Park.


ordered The Devil's Hammer ($10), and with a mix of muddled mint,

orange, lime, tequila and cherry-infused bourbon, it didn't seem all that

evil. The bourbon complimented the tequila in a, "I'm not yet ready for

a man's drink, but this will definitely help me grow a beard" sort of


And seeing that it's happy hour I tried to pair my drink with something small

to eat... the rotisserie chicken sandwich ($12.50) was anything but small. A

buttery, soft bun barely held together melted jack cheese, arugula,


aioli, tender chicken and fire-roasted peppers. Going by the looks from

the girls across the bar, I didn't look all too attractive while I shoveled it down. But when there's lemon aioli on your lips and poultry heaven in your

mouth, who cares about looking sexy. Besides, those girls didn't interest me... I had a major crush on the


Who: You and the girl from work... but only if you don't care about your car.

What: $2 off all drinks, but only at the bar :0(

Where: YOLO

333 E. Las Olas Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale,

FL 33301

When: Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm

How: With a manly beard and lemon aioli lipstick.

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