In Honor of Prince Harry's Vegas Getaway: A Guide To English Sausage

It seems the royal family is a little miffed over Prince Harry's Las Vegas escapades.

The youngest child of Prince Charles and the much-beloved Princess Diana was up to a little mischief in Las Vegas when TMZ posted pictures of his highness butt naked after playing a rousing (and revealing) game of strip billiards with friends and some random chicks in his suite.

We say hip hip cheerio (or whatever Brits say) to the young prince, who clearly knows how to party. 

We're not sure why the royal family is taken aback by Harry's playful antics. After all, no one goes to Las Vegas to spend time in an Ashram, and the British are quite fond of showing off their sausage, or bangers as they're most appropriately nicknamed.

In fact, in honor of Harry and his much-photographed banger, we're providing you with a handy guide to English sausage. It's up to you to provide your own buns.

Cumberland Sausage
Around for about 500 years, this long pork sausage has its origins in Cumbria (formerly known as Cumberland, England). Usually made in a long coil then cut to length, authentic Cumberland sausage are made with Cumberland pork and black pepper. They're served on their own or with mashed potatoes to make the classic pub dish, bangers and mash.

Lincolnshire Sausage
This sausage from Lincolnshire in east England, is high in fat content with plenty of herbal notes. The sausage is made from pork, fat, breadcrumbs, and sage. Usually sold in links, the sausages are served fried with onions or used to make sausage rolls.

Newmarket Sausage
For over 100 years, two butcher families in Newmarket, Suffolk have been feuding over who has the right to claim this sausage as its own. Powter and Musk sausages are both made with pork and a secret blend of spices that neither family will share. The royal family, however, is said to prefer Musk's sausages and the company touts the relationship by stating they are sausage suppliers "by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen".

Oxford Sausage
Hailing from Oxford, these pedigreed meat tubes are the only ones on our list made from a combination of veal and pork. Oxfords are also highly seasoned, usually with mace, lemon, clove, and sage. The first Oxford sausages were probably made in the 1700's and didn't come in a skin, though modern Oxfords come in a natural pork or sheep casing.

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