India House: Quick Chat on Chaat

If you have never tasted chaat, you are in for a real treat. No, really -- chaat refers to any number of Indian savory snacks. Chaats are mixes of so many different types of deliciousness -- you could get soft chickpeas with sour tamarind, cool yogurt with spicy chilli powder or roasted cumin powder, crunchy rice puffs or fried noodles, the list goes on and on. While chaat is commonly found sold in cafes or by vendors on the sides of streets in India or Pakistan, you can also try some in South Florida.

The lunch buffet ($8.95 weekdays, $10.95 weekends, 11:30am-3pm) at India House in Plantation includes a chaat bar, where you can try different types of chaat such as bhel poori (a spicy puffed rice snack), papdi chat (made with crisps, potatoes, chopped onions, fresh cilantro, yogurt, and a sweet and sour tamarind sauce.), or dhali aloo poori (made with potatoes, chickpeas and chat masala, an intricate spice blend.) The chaat is also available on the regular dinner menu.

Try some; it's like a dance in your mouth. Let's just say there's a lot going on. Be warned though, once you try Indian snacks, you may not be able to go back to your basic potato chips.

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