Vegan Bakery PAC Pastries Opening in Wilton Manors With Brunch and Late-Night Hours
Courtesy of PAC Pastries

Vegan Bakery PAC Pastries Opening in Wilton Manors With Brunch and Late-Night Hours

Shelbey Chiavari is a serious foodie. She likes to say she’s married to her Taco King — AKA Brett Chiavari, the "BC" behind Broward’s BC Tacos and BC Cafe. The pair resides in Oakland Park with their rescue dog, Basil.

Chiavari is a baker, and for years you could find her tasty vegan treats, including macarons and doughnut holes, in a display case at her hubby’s café. But soon, her baked goods will have their own home in Wilton Manors.

PAC Pastries will open at 2348 Wilton Dr. this fall. Chiavari made the announcement on the bakery's’ social media channels and almost instantly, support piled on by the droves.

“Since we made the announcement that we were moving to the area, I have received nothing but love and have been welcomed with opened arms,” Chiavari says. “Not only is Wilton Manors in need of a fantastic bakery, but it is also so close to our home.”

Founded in 2012, PAC Pastries' treats can be found all across South Florida. Locations currently carrying the sweets include Fruits and Roots Vegan Cafe, Nutrition Smart, and Raw Juice. However, PAC's own brick-and-mortar space means Chiavari will have room to expand to serving beverages too. Coffee drinks, matcha lattes, and photogenic dragon fruit concoctions have already been previewed on Instagram.

“Some of our signature treats are raw cashew butter cups and our baked donut holes,” Chiavari says. “However, gaining popularity is our newer line of raw confections. We make our own chocolate from scratch and during the process we keep the temperature below 117 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain the integrity of the amazing health benefits of the cacao.”

The store also promises ready-to-purchase cakes, a brunch, and late-night hours.

“There’s definitely more surprises to come as we get closer to launching,” Chiavari says.

Vegan Bakery PAC Pastries Opening in Wilton Manors With Brunch and Late-Night Hours (3)
Courtesy of PAC Pastries

She hopes to have PAC open by the end of October or early November. It’s something Chiavari says she’s been waiting on for years now.

“Nothing ever matched up,” she says. “I either had the funds but couldn’t find a space or found the space but not enough funds. I’ve heard a lot of no’s throughout this process, for not having enough money, not having enough professional experience, for being a woman, being too young — the list goes on.”

Says Chiavari, “I will say that this process has taught me patience and that nothing that comes easy is worth having.”

PAC Pastries. 2348 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors; eatpacpastries.com. Opening this fall.

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