Mark Militello to Take Over Trina With New Name, Revised Menu

Mark Militello to Take Over Trina With New Name, Revised Menu

Never count him out - Mark Militello, an original South Florida  chef who first came to notice with Mark's Place in Miami, is back at a hotel - The Atlantic on Ft. Lauderdale beach - to revamp and rework restaurant Trina's menus.

"It will be totally chef-driven," he said. "I'm redesigning every menu - it's a huge undertaking, more involved since it's a hotel."

The Trina name will change - though Militello says he "can't decide"

what to call it. Trina was originally under the direction of Don

PIntabona, chef at the Tribeca Grill and now Dani in Manhattan. It was

a critical success for its first few years, but Pintabona left and so

did the accolades.

He expects to have his menus in place, for

breakfast, lunch and dinner, by the end of July. "We're weeks out -

there's three weeks between interviews, drug tests and all the

administration stuff for hiring staff," he said.

Familiar and new menu items


hinted that the menus will have vestiges of all his other menus -  from

his three namesake restaurants, Mark's on Las Olas, Mark's at the Park

in Boca Raton and Mark's CityPlace in West Palm Beach.

"I'm excited about it, but it's a lot of work," he said.


Max, a neighboring chef (3030 Ocean in the Marriott on the beach) said

he's glad to see Militello coming aboard. "It will be nice to see

someone showing it (Trina) some love. It's needing it."

The restaurant needs little in the way of design, Militello said - only a few tweaks here and there. "It's a beautiful space."

He hopes to have the menus and new staff in place at the end of July.

601 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale,



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