Order Up: El Zocalo Authentic Mexican Restaurant

The pozole is undoubtedly the best thing I tasted at El Zocalo Authentic Mexican Restaurant, the subject of this week's Dish review. The dark red soup has thick chunks of pork and plenty of hominy, large kernels of corn with a potato-like texture. On its own, the soup is spicy and savory, the thin broth redolent of chilis and slowly simmered meat. But you can also add a squirt of lime or some fresh chopped cilantro and lettuce to flavor the further. A big "cup," like the one shown, costs $7.

There's a lot to like about El Zocalo's pozole, as well as its tacos, which come on fluffy corn tortillas that are made in house. Those tortillas have a great flavor, and the fillings they wrap around -- cochinita pibil, al pastor, barbacoa, lengua, and more -- are very good for the most part. Still, I wish the meat-packed tacos had a better ratio of cilantro and onion to filling. And at $2.50 each, they're not the cheapest tacos in the world. But they're the only authentic tacos around that you can eat in a restaurant done up like a courtyard straight out of rural Mexico.

How does El Zocalo fare overall? Find out when Dish debuts tomorrow. 

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