Parlour Vegan Bakery Opening Second Location in Boca

A smorgasbord of doughy delights is on its way to Boca Raton: Parlour Vegan Bakery has chosen the city for its second location, opening this fall. 

The eatery, which serves up unique items like frosted toaster pastries, butterbeer donuts, pizza rolls, creamsicle cupcakes, and lots of other goodies — both sweet and savory — is popular with omnivores, herbivores, and gluten-free eaters alike. 

"Our first location is doing really well, but it's really tiny so we were limited on space," says co-owner Alejandra Miranda. "We thought, 'Should we go to Miami? Should we go to Boca?' We decided to cover Boca first since there's really nothing there. That's how it happened, and everything really fell into place."

The Boca location is slated to open in September (exact date TBD). It'll be aesthetically similar to the Plantation location — albeit bigger — and will offer the same menu. New items might be added over time, Miranda says, given that there'll be more display space. 

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Parlour currently sells a lengthy list of vegan baked goods, plus lunchtime foodstuffs like salads and sandwiches by Atlas Meat-Free Deli. One look at the display case, and it's obvious the owner has an artistic side. From edible gold dust to meticulous drizzles, the cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat. Miranda grew up with a cake-decorating mom, so she's no stranger to design.

According to Miranda, many of Parlour's customers aren't vegan, and attracting omnivores has been a huge part of the company's overall mission. "I feel like the ultimate test is someone who is not used to eating vegan things, and if they like it, it's a good thing. A lot of people [taste it and] are like, oh, well, if this is vegan food, I could turn vegan!"

It helps that Parlour's menu is made with recognizable ingredients. The Southwestern empanada, for example, has quinoa, corn, beans, and other simple stuff. "It's nothing that a nonvegan wouldn't have eaten before."

After the Boca location opens in September, the sky's the limit. Miranda and her family have big plans for the future.

"You have no idea how bad I want to do national. Nashville, Williamsburg, and Portland would be a dream.
I tell my husband, 'I have this concept, and I want to do it here, we would make this and that — can you imagine?' And he's like, 'How about we build out Boca first?'"

Parlour Vegan Bakery is located at 1487 S. University Dr., Plantation. The second location will be located at 415 S. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton. 954-533-7104;
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