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Paula DaSilva on 3030's Pop-Up Brunch, Growing Up, and More

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We recently dined at the restaurant, and noticed the food has changed quite a bit. It's more rustic and less put together. When did you start changing the menu over?

I started almost immediately with some small changes, but I really went full force about two months into it when I brought in my sous chef from 1500, Adrienne Grenier, as chef de cuisine. When she came in came in November we made the changes we really needed to make.

How has it been received so far?

The majority of the feedback has been great. Some people frequented the restaurant for years and saw a big difference in the style. Some said they liked the old menu better, but have tried it and really like the food.

You obviously started off your career at 3030 and you've diverged from the fine dining and modern composed dishes that were served at the restaurant. Where do you find inspiration?

My style has evolved so much over the last few years. As I grow older and continue to grow, I draw inspiration from so many things: restaurants, T.V., other chefs. I tend to sway more toward a comfortable feel. As you grow older, you want to get back to that comfort zone. I've done everything, from dishes that take 35 steps to create with everything in the right place with tweezers, but I love casual places with really good food that you can enjoy, and know what it is. I also love fine dining with a clean modern approach, but there's been an evolution to how my style has changed.

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