S3: Sun, Surf, and Sand at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort

S3, a new restaurant by the Restaurant People, is set to open on the ground floor of the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort sometime mid-2012 and will cater to both tourists and locals seeking a midpriced dining experience with a view.

S3, short for Sun, Surf, and Sand, will take advantage of its spectacular location directly on Fort Lauderdale beach with a large outdoor area complete with oversized bar.

The Restaurant People are also behind the popular Las Olas spot YOLO (short for You Only Live Once). The Restaurant People seem to really like acronyms.

The Restaurant People's Tim Petrillo spoke with Clean Plate Charlie about

S3, which will fill a need on the beach for a midpriced dining

experience. "It's either high-end or burger-and-beer joints on the beach

right now," Petrillo told us.

Petrillo said his team looked

at this location six years ago. It then went with YOLO but recently

picked up the conversation with the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach


"I feel very good about the location," he said. "I feel that the

beach is about to pop. There's density there, occupancy is high, and

tourism has increased. There's also a void in the restaurant market for


Petrillo hopes to open S3 by the end of

next summer. "I would like to say that we're trying to have S3 open by

September. But there are two things I know -- you never open on time,

and you never open under budget." 

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